BCEW Nemesys Blind Cricket League to feature 7 sides

In 2008 for the first time since 2005 there will only be one national blind cricket league.

With Northern and Worcester unable to field league teams this season it made a BBS league impossible. Northants and Birmingham have joined the newly renamed BCEW Nemesys Blind Cricket League.

This means a 7 team league containing: Warwickshire (the 2007 BCEW League Champions), Birmingham (The 2007 BBS League Champions), Metro (the 2007 BBS Cup winners), London, Northants, South Wales and Sussex.

The league will have an unusual structure due to having an odd number of teams. Each team will play each other once, meaning each team have played 6 matches. These games will start on April 19th and finish on July 26th.

After the international series finishes and the Cup final has takeplace there will then be a second phase to the league. The top 4 sides will play each other again meaning they will all have played 9 matches. The bottom 3 will also face each other again meaning each will have played 8 times.

The other thing to note is that if a team is at home against another team in phase one then if they play in phase two they will then be away to that team. For example if Metro host South Wales in phase one then they will be away to them in phase two.

Full league fixtures to follow when available.

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