England V India, India in England 2007, Match Four, 24th August 2007 at Studley Cricket Club

The fourth match of the series which India won by 194 runs was contested in glorious sunshine. With India already having won the series they made their first team change bringing in Nanaji. For England an injury to Joe Harrison meant that Dave Powers returned, himself recovering from injury. Andy Briant replaced Mark Turnham and Andy Powers was available for the first time in the series.

England won the toss for the second time in succession and again inserted India in the hope of taking early wickets. India opened with Shekhar Naik and Subhash Boya. Naik went off at his usual hectic pace hitting powerfully all round the wicket and such has been his dominance at the crease throughout the series, that England considered his dismissal for 81 leg before to Andy Powers a real success. Boya had previously been caught low down by Nathan Foy off his own bowling reducing India to 114-2.

Dilip Mundy was caught by Matt Dean off Andy Powers and Rajinder Verma who had caused so much damage in previous innings when he had got into his stride was leg before to Swanepoel for 20 after England had worked hard to cut off his scoring opportunities. Ashish Negi found some form with his highest score of the series but when he was run out for 31 in the 26th over, Jose Shibhu Fernandez and Ketan Patel came together. Their unbeaten stand of 181 saw Fernandez race to a 74-ball century and follow up his classy knock of 43 the previous day with an undefeated 123. With the relative failure of the B1s Boya and Verma, Patel showed the strength in depth in this sight category with an undefeated 88. During this partnership, close-in fielder Mahomed Khatri was struck on the head by Fernandez and had to leave the field with a cut face depriving England of vital B1 overs.

In reply England made a steady start with few alarms for Andy Powers and Nathan Foy. Powers surprised the Indians with the strength of his onside shots. Several times the ball went through fielders to the boundary and surprisingly a number of catches were dropped off his powerful shots. After Foy was caught off a top edge by the wicketkeeper Manvinder Singh, Andy Powers tried to keep the run rate up but the loss of Matt Dean and the dismissal of Andy Powers caught by Naik meant that a lot depended on Luke Sugg and Rory Field.

England slumped from 187-3 to 221-8 in 10 overs with Ashish Negi again bowling a useful spell at the end of the innings. Nanaji who had his first bowl of the series picked up the wicket of Matt Dean and impressed with his whippy arm action. England had been unable to consistently pierce the in-out field setting by India and the run rate fell away towards the end of an innings in which Manvinder Singh took two catches and a stumping.

The last match of the series is at Feckenham C.C. on Sunday.

Men Of The Match:
B1: Ketan Patel 88
B2: Ashish Negi 31 and 6-0-22-2
B3: Jose Shibhu Fernadez 123 not out

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