Blind Cricket committees

Townley Elected new BCEW president

David Townley has been elected as the new President of Blind Cricket England and Wales.

Townley who captained Metro in 2006 and 2007 had been unelected President since the resignation of Tim Guttridge who had held the position since the formation of BCEW.

John Garbett has been elected as BCEW's new development officer despite the fact 2007 was his first season of blind cricket. The other new member of the BCEW committee is Garbett's Sussex teammate Geoff Smith who has become the organisation's new Secretary and the 4th Sussex representative on the committee.

The BBS committee has had no changes over the winter as nobody stood against the previous years committee.

BBS Committee

Chairman and Treasurer: David Gavrilovic
Secretary: Sean Farrow
Domestic Secretary: David Ellingham

BCEW Committee

President: David Townley
Secretary: Geoff Smith
Fixture Secretary: Ian Morris
Treasurer: Heindrich Swanepoel
International Secretary: Miles Northwood
Development Officer:John Garbett


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