2007 BBS and BCEW league winners

Birmingham and Warwickshire claim league titles

The 2007 season had one big winner, the weather. Rain, rain and more rain caused a "flood" of postponements, re-arrangements and cancellations.

Two teams did let their quality shine through despite the bad weather and Birmingham and Warwickshire were comfortable winners of the two leagues.

Birmingham, through some awesome batting performances, were able to dominate the BBS League, winning 6 of their 8 matches. Northern put up a good fight in second including batting 35 overs for a draw the first time the sides met, but on September 1st at Blackpool cricket club Birmingham defeated their nearest challengers thanks to a brilliant score of more than 150 not out from young opener Ben Quinn to clinch the title.

Yorkshire's return to blind cricket was another positive, as was the fact that despite the weather only 1 BBS League game fell victim to the rain.

Final BBS League Table 2007

The BBS cricket committee also organised a vote with the clubs to decide a number of player of the year awards, Ben Quinn of Birmingham was undoubtedly the star of the season but wasn't the only prize winner.

List of 2007 BBS Cricket Award Winners

Warwickshire were even more dominant in their BCEW league victory. They did have half of their league games cancelled due to the weather but they did pick up wins earning all possible bonus points against every other team in the league.

Metro and Sussex had a close contest for second place with South Wales Dragons not far behind, although the Dragons did also have half of their league fixtures cancelled by the rain.

The outstanding bowling of Luke Sugg was the highlight of the season for many although the major improvement shown by a number of younger Sussex players such as Joe Harrison, Dan Field and Laura Perry was also a highlight and a sign of things to come in future years.

Final BCEW League Table 2007


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