2007 BBS Awards

Partially Sighted Player of the Year: Ben Quinn (Ben Quinn)
B1 Player of the Year: Adrian Snelgrove (Birmingham)
Partially Sighted Batsman of the Year: Ben Quinn (Birmingham)

B1 Batsman of the Year: Simon Hill (Northamptonshire)
Partially Sighted Bowler of the Year: Alastair Provan
B1 Bowler of the Year: David Gavrilovic (Northamptonshire)
Most Improved Player of the Year: Matt Ringland (Birmingham)
Young Player of the Year: Luke Darnell (Birmingham)
Individual Performance of the Year: Dave Ellingham (Northern) for batting 35 overs to guide his side to a draw against Birmingham
Sportsmanship Award: Dean Bonehill (Birmingham)

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